"The Birth of Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum: Preservation and Renovation of Kom Tong Hall" exhibition panels (12 panels)




Title panels


Architectural features of Kom Tong Hall

Historical value of Kom Tong Hall

Conservation guidelines

Removal of varnish on brick and wood surfaces

Restoration of the metal balustrades

Replacement of glazed wall tiles

Treatment of the stained glass windows

Provision of modern facilities

Meticulous architects


"Dr Sun Yat-sen and Modern China" exhibition panels (18 panels)





Birth and Studies

Founding of the Revive China Society

Founding of the Chinese Revolutionary Alliance

Revolutionary Uprisings

Establishment of the Republic

Defending the Republic

Cooperation between Nationalists and Communists

Death in Beijing

"Dr Sun Yat-sen and Family" exhibition panels (16 panels)




Family Tree

Sun Dacheng: Dr Sun Yat-sen's father

Madam Yang: Dr Sun Yat-sen's mother

Sun Mei: Dr Sun Yat-sen's elder brother

Sun Miaoqian: Dr Sun Yat-sen's elder sister

Sun Qiuyi: Dr Sun Yat-sen's younger sister

Lu Muzhen: Dr Sun Yat-sen's first wife

Chen Cuifen: Dr Sun Yat-sen's close partner

Soong Ching Ling: Dr Sun Yat-sen's second wife

Sun Fo: Dr Sun Yat-sen's son

Sun Yan: Dr Sun Yat-sen's elder daughter

Sun Wan: Dr Sun Yat-sen's younger daughter

Sun Chang: Dr Sun Yat-sen's nephew

"1911 Revolution in China: Francis Stafford's Photo Exhibition" exhibition panels (15 panels)




Francis Eugene Stafford

Daily life in the late Qing period

Foreigners and the concessions

The New Army in the late Qing period

The Three Towns of Wuhan during the 1911 Revolution

Wuchang Uprising of 1911

Response of the Qing court

Attitude of the foreign powers

Other provinces declare independence

Independent provinces after 1911 Revolution

Founding of the Republic of China

Peace conference between the imperial and revolutionary camps

"Icon of an Era – The Dr Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum 1926.6.1" exhibition panels (20 panels)





A Final Farewell in Beijing

The Dr Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum in Nanjing

Grand Funeral on Mount Zijin

Everlasting Memory

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