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Dr Sun Yat-sen Historical Trail

The Central and Western District on the Hong Kong Island was the place where Dr Sun Yat-sen studied, attended religious services, lived and met with the fellow revolutionaries. Dr Sun Yat-sen Historical Trail highlights Dr Sun's close relationship with Hong Kong by way of introducing his activities in the territory. In their neighbourhood, the Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum serves as the ideal starting point of your visit to the Historical Trail. Through a visit to the Museum, you will be able to learn more about Dr Sun's life career, and are in a better position to cherish the everlasting memories of his episodes along the Historical Trail.

Tourism Commission, in collaboration with Central and Western District Council and Leisure and Cultural Services Department, undertook the revitalisation of the Dr Sun Yat-sen Historical Trail in 2018. Under the theme of "art across time", nine local artists were engaged to redesign the plaques with their idiosyncratic visual lingo to showcase the rich historical and cultural characteristic of Hong Kong.

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Produced by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, "iM Guide" mobile app is now applied to the Dr Sun Yat-sen Historical Trail. You can even use the navigation system to tour different spots along the trail. It's free to download!

You can now join "Stamp Collection to Gain Fun" activity. By scanning the App QR Codes on the spots, you can collect stamps and redeem souvenirs (mini fan and thermal bottle) while stock lasts (Thermal bottle is out of stock. Only mini fan is available. Thank you for your support). Please read the instructions in the app for details.

Central & Western Heritage Trail

The Central and Western District, where the Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum is situated, has the largest number of declared monuments in Hong Kong. These include the former French Mission Building, the Former Central Police Station at Hollywood Road and the old Pathological Institute at Caine Lane.

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