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"Revolution Once More: Dr Sun Yat-sen from Xing Zhong Hui to the Governments in Guangzhou"

From 17/9/2010 to 16/3/2011
1/F, Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum

Jointly presented by
Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Guangzhou Museum

Organized by
Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum

Throughout his adult life that he spent fighting for China, from the founding of Xing Zhong Hui (Revive China Society) in 1894 right up to his death in Beijing in 1925, Dr Sun Yat-sen encountered numerous setbacks and frustrations. He saw many of his revolutionary comrades sacrifice their lives for the cause, witnessed Yuan Shikai hijack the success of the 1911 Revolution, experienced the failures of the Second Revolution and the Movements for the Protection of the Constitution and survived the mutiny led by Chen Jiongming. Yet with immense perseverance, he pursued his revolutionary ideals, searching for ways to save China and build a better future for the people.

Showcasing about 90 exhibits drawn from the collections of the Guangzhou Museum and the Hong Kong Museum of History, this exhibition introduces Dr Sun's road to revolution, from the founding of Xing Zhong Hui to the three attempts to establish a government in Guangzhou, as well as the efforts he and his revolutionary comrades made to overthrow the Qing dynasty and found a republic. The relics and photographs on display offer important insights into the 1911 Revolution and earlier uprisings, Dr Sun's establishment of governments in Guangzhou as well as the lives and deeds of comrades such as Huang Xing, Zhu Zhixin and Liao Zhongkai. We hope that while learning about the noble deeds of Dr Sun Yat-sen and his revolutionary comrades, visitors will also be touched by their persistence and determination in fighting for the nation and the people.