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In Search of the Ideal Nation – Dr Sun Yat-sen and Guangzhou after the 1911 Revolution

30 September 2011 – 28 March 2012
1/F, Exhibition Gallery,
Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum

Presented by
Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Guangzhou Committee
Administration of Culture, Press, Publication, Radio and Television of Guangzhou Municipality

Organised by
Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum
The Memorial Museum of Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen's Mansion

The Republic of China was founded on 1 January 1912 with Dr Sun Yat-sen as Provisional President. In the aftermath of the overthrow of the Qing dynasty, the success of the revolution, however, was hijacked by Yuan Shikai and then by cliques of warlords. The republic was in name only. Between 1917 and 1925, Dr Sun Yat-sen made three attempts to build a government in Guangzhou. The city had always served as a base for his revolutionary cause, and Dr Sun hoped to realise his vision of political progress, economic and social development and education here.

Showcasing around 100 exhibits drawn from the collections of The Memorial Museum of Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen's Mansion and the Hong Kong Museum of History, this exhibition introduces Dr Sun's three attempts to set up a government in Guangzhou. It also covers the changes in the city's urban landscape, economic development and education system as well as in the people's life that Dr Sun and his followers brought about in Guangzhou during this brief period in history. Exhibits include a medal of honour of the Guangdong Military Government of the Republic of China, an observer ticket for the House of Representatives issued in 1921, a gun licence issued by the Ministry of War of the headquarters of the Grand Marshal's Office, the poster Main Ideas for National Reconstruction by Premier Sun and a business licence from the Ministry of Finance of Guangdong in 1923.