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Dr Sun Yat-sen and His Family

From 3/5 to 30/10/2013
Special Exhibition Gallery,
Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum

A renowned political figure, Dr Sun Yat-sen gave up a secure and stable life for the revolutionary cause. He was a wanted man in China after the failure of the first Guangzhou Uprising in 1895 and was subsequently banned from Hong Kong and Vietnam. It was only after the success of the 1911 Revolution that he was able to return to China. By that time he had lived in exile for 16 years. During this period, his family were also dragged into the turmoil of the revolution and forced to leave China for Hawaii, Hong Kong and Penang.

Dr Sun devoted his life to the welfare of the Chinese people at great personal cost. He was unable to bid his mother and elder daughter a last farewell before they passed away, nor even attend their funerals. Nevertheless, the unwavering support that he received from his family was crucial to both his personal achievements and the success of the revolution. This family that allowed him to focus on his career without other distractions also deserves to be remembered. Illustrating the life history of the Sun family members, visitors will have a better understanding of the people close to Dr Sun Yat-sen.