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Education Programmes (April to June 2022)


All activities will be conducted in Cantonese and free of charge unless otherwise specified. The programmes, format and quota are subject to change depending on the development of the epidemic.
Tel: 3580 6780


  • Road to Sanctification of Dr Sun Yat-sen
  • Revolutionist or Reformist? Sun Yat-sen as a Student and a Statesman (1887-1925)
  • Three perspectives for studying modern Chinese history: Dilemma, revival and revolution


  • Learning more about Kom Tong Hall: FOTOMO Workshop
  • Leather Hand Sanitiser Holder in a Mandarin Suit Design
  • Pass it on: The Making of the Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum Message Board

Film Shows

  • The History of Hong Kong Series III: Development of Public Housing in Hong Kong
  • The History of Hong Kong Series: Hong Kong in 1911 Revolution
  • A Page of History