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Special Exhibition Gallery, UG/F
3:00 – 5:00 pm
Free (First come, first served)

All lectures will be conducted in Cantonese unless otherwise specified. The Museum makes no representations on the content of the lectures.


Date Topic Speaker

Reflections on May Fourth: Changing Mentalities of the Student Movement

The speaker will discuss the various definitions and mental outlook of the May Fourth Movement, as well as explore the changes in students' mentality during the movement and how the changes restrained their thoughts and actions.
Dr Chan Hok Yin
(Associate Professor, Department of Chinese and History, City University of Hong Kong)

Study to Save the Nation – Cai Yuanpei and his Career

The speaker will introduce the life of Cai Yuanpei and his views on the May Fourth Movement.

Professor Chow Kai Wing
(Professor Emeritus, Department of History, Hong Kong Baptist University)

May Fourth Movement and Changes in Chinese Language Education

The speaker will discuss the influence of the May Fourth Movement on Chinese language education policies and examinations, and subsequently on written vernacular Chinese education, school curricula and new literary works.
Dr Au Chi Kin
(Assistant Professor, Department of History, Hong Kong Shue Yan University)

# Lecture Series on "May Fourth Movement and Modern Chinese Drama"


(1)Introduction: The Revolution is Yet to Succeed – From Shaonian Zhongguo (Young China) to Xinqingnian (New Youth)

Dr Lo Wai Luk
(Drama Worker, Arts Critics and Chairman of Arts Criticism, Hong Kong Arts Development Council)


(2)1920s: Drama in the New Culture Movement – "Amateur Drama, School Drama, Women's Awakening; Hong Shen, Tian Han, Pu Shunqing"


(3)1930s: Leftist Thoughts, National Crisis, Suppression of Individuality – "Ouyang Yuqian, Xia Yan, Cao Yu, Ba Jin"


(4)Lifelong Contribution to the Chinese Drama Movement - Two May Fourth Youth: Yao Ke, Lu Dun


(5)"May Fourth" as Subject Matter: Plays Adapted from Works of May Fourth Writers


(6)"May Fourth" as Subject Matter: Performances Involved May Fourth Historical Figures

# The lecture series are organised by the Cultural Presentations Section of the LCSD. Tickets are sold for admission. For details, please refer to the website of Cultural Presentations Section:

For enquiries; please call 2268 7325.