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Activities from April to June 2019


All activities will be conducted in Cantonese unless otherwise specified.
Phone: 3580 6780



  • Reflections on May Fourth: Changing Mentalities of the Student Movement
  • Study to Save the Nation – Cai Yuanpei and his Career
  • May Fourth Movement and Changes in Chinese Language Education
  • Lecture Series on "May Fourth Movement and Modern Chinese Drama"
  • (1)Introduction: The Revolution is Yet to Succeed – From Shaonian Zhongguo (Youth China) to Xinqingnian (New Youth)
  • (2)1920s: Drama in the New Culture Movement – "Amateur Drama, School Drama, Women's Awakening; Hong Shen, Tian Han, Pu Shunqing"
  • (3)1930s: Leftist Thoughts, National Crisis, Suppression of Individuality – "Ouyang Yuqian, Xia Yan, Cao Yu, Ba Jin"
  • (4)Lifelong Contribution to the Chinese Drama Movement - Two May Fourth Youth: Yao Ke, Lu Dun
  • (5)"May Fourth" as Subject Matter: Plays Adapted from Works of May Fourth Writers
  • (6)"May Fourth" as Subject Matter: Performances Involved May Fourth Historical Figures

Hands-on Activities

  • The Making of Easter Floral Basket with Painting
  • The Making of Small Woodblock Print Pouch for May Fourth
  • Breaking the Old, Forging the New: The Making of Seed Recycled Paper

Film Shows

  • A Hundred Years of Overseas Studies: Overseas Study and the New Culture Movement
  • A Hundred Years of Overseas Studies: Women and Overseas Studies
  • The Grand Funeral

Special Programmes

  • Response to the May Fourth Movement
  • (1)Large-piece Calligraphy Performance
  • (2)Slogan Calligraphy Masterclass
  • "Revisiting Dr Sun Yat-sen's Youth Journey with Fun" Guided Tour