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Film Shows


Venue: Exhibition Gallery, UG/F, Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum

Time: 2:00 - 2:40 pm

Fee: Free

Quota: 40 persons

Language: Putonghua (Chinese subtitles)

Audience will be admitted 5 minutes before each show commences; first come, first served.

  Film show

Exploring: Dr Sun Yat-sen and Nanjing (II) – North-South Peace Negotiations

The programme documents the negotiations between the Provisional Government founded by Dr Sun Yat-sen in Nanjing and the Qing government in the north.

Weekday Date
Wed 17/1, 7/2, 28/3
Sat 13/1, 10/2, 31/3
Sun 28/1, 4/2, 11/3

Exploring: Dr Sun Yat-sen and Nanjing (III) – Provisional Constitution

The programme documents how Dr Sun Yat-sen arduously laid down the Provisional Constitution, his power struggle with Yuan Shikai, as well as his continued contribution and devotion tho the Chinese revolution until his death.

Weekday Date
Mon 12/3
Wed 31/1, 21/2, 7/3
Sat 20/1, 3/2, 10/3
Sun 14/1, 25/2, 25/3


The above video programmes are produced by the CCTV.