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Activities from January to March 2020


All activities will be conducted in Cantonese unless otherwise specified.
Tel: 3580 6780


  • Stories inside Old Photos: Hong Kong in the Time of Dr Sun Yat-sen
  • Scientific Literacy of the Revolutionist Dr Sun Yat-sen (1887-1911)
  • Marriage Advertisements: The Romantic Life of Republican Women

Hands-on Activities

  • Blessing from Kom Tong Hall: Paper Cutting for Chinese New Year
  • Brilliantly Coloured Kom Tong Hall: Making Painted Glass Candle Holders
  • Show Your Love and Wishes with Flowers

Film Shows

  • Archaeology and Antiquities: Development of Hong Kong Island
  • Hong Kong and the 1911 Revolution
  • A Page of History

Special Programmes

  • Journey through the Development of the Early Chinese Community in Western District
  • "Revisiting Dr Sun Yat-sen's Youth Journey" Guided Tour